Shipboiler is a company that manufactures, commerces and installs high quality boilers for ships and factories around the world. It means that the specialized staff, designs, welds, tests and assembly the parts of any given type of boiler on the ship or factory in question. Shipboiler manages to be in time with the delivery of the project, as well as to be in very competitive price tags. Since 1964 Shipboiler can approve this with great accuracy.

Shipboiler is a specialized repairer, that uses the most modern and high-optimized equipment for boilers to be made. The company is approved by the international ISO 9001:2015 standards as well as with national degress for their welders and assemblers in use.

Work can be accomplished under way with delegations that arrive timely on the ship. Every project does get designed on draft boards meticulously, before everything starts.

Milli-machines, Pipe Beveling-machines, Cutting-machines, Welding-machines and accessories, both portable and factory installed (heavy duty), are used with great efficiency.

Started his career from Greek Shipyards with special knowledge on Steam-Boilers of ships and factories, with a characteristic skill to design and construct boiler tubes. Today, under the name “Shipboiler”, our company utilizes with great success on ship boilers and refridgerators with countless customers around the globe.